Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (2024)

The land of dragons, giants, and more side quests than you can shake a sword at.

While the base game is already a sprawling epic in its own right, what if we told you that there’s a whole world of mods out there just waiting to be added to your Xbox One version?

That’s right, my fellow Dovahkiin; with the right selection of mods, you can take your Skyrim experience to new heights (and depths, if you’re brave enough).

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  • The Best Mods for Skyrim on Xbox One
    • 20. Bandolier: Bags and Pouches
    • 19. Belt-fastened Quivers
    • 18. Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer
    • 17. Open Cities
    • 16. Old Kingdom – Armor Overhaul
    • 15. Surreal Lighting
    • 14. Big: More Kill Moves and Decapitations
    • 13. Divine Cities
    • 12. Imperious – Updated Races of Skyrim
    • 11. Rich Merchants
    • 10. Immersive Movement
    • 9. Alternate Start – Live Another Life
    • 8. Cheat Room
    • 7. Enhanced Blood Textures
    • 6. Phenderix Magic Evolved
    • 5. Sofia
    • 4. Diverse Dragons Collection
    • 3. Apocalypse Magic
    • 2. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch
    • 1. The Forgotten City

The Best Mods for Skyrim on Xbox One

From graphical enhancements to new weapons and quests, the options are nearly endless. So let’s strap on our helmets, grab our favorite spells, and dive into the top 20 best Skyrim Xbox One mods.

20. Bandolier: Bags and Pouches

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (1)

Nothing kills the thrill of adventure, like realizing your wimpy bags don’t have the space to fit all the gorgeous loot and spoils you’ve accumulated through violence and wit.

With Bandolier’s Bags and Pouches selection, you won’t have that problem!

This collection of custom items adds more on-the-go inventory solutions to the game.

Fret no more about leaving those valuable dragon bones or dwemer scrap behind; now they’ll always find a place in your pocket.

Plus, these items and bags are compatible with nearly any armor set out there: life just got easier for adventurers everywhere!

19. Belt-fastened Quivers

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (2)

This mod adjusts where arrow quivers and crossbow bolts are positioned on your character’s waist.

Quiver and bow placement aren’t really game-breaking issues, but this mod does add a bit of polish we appreciate.

In addition to the new quiver and bolt position, this mod tweaks the placement of the bows themselves to minimize any clipping against this new placement.

As if that weren’t enough, there is a custom arrow-draw animation so your character is actually pulling their ammo from the new spot instead of the empty, old spot.

18. Caliente’s Beautiful Bodies Enhancer

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (3)

Bring a little more feminine eye candy to the world of Skyrim with this Xbox One mod!

Caliente’s Bodies Enhancer will change the body of adult female characters in Skyrim, both NPCs, and players alike, to a custom model with a curvy figure.

Not only that – all vanilla clothing, as well as DLC outfits, are adjusted for this new physique, complete with matching face textures and brows perfected as the final touch.

17. Open Cities

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (4)

Open Cities Skyrim is an ambitious mod that strives to restore the immersive experience of Morrowind.

No more tedious loading screens between cities – now you can ride straight from Whiterun to Riften as if you were really traveling an open world, and with added guard presence within city walls, it adds a unique layer where you can take shelter in town while they take on foes at your back.

It also means dragon battles will be much smoother without those interruptions.

Immerse yourself in Tamriel once again!

16. Old Kingdom – Armor Overhaul

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (5)

Step into the world of Skyrim, The Old Kingdom, as it has never been seen before!

The Old Kingdom Armor Overhaul is a combo pack of mods that elevate every aspect and detail of the armor in this beloved game.

From its armor to unique sets, everything you know about your virtual surroundings will have an excitingly different feel—over 50 contributors make up these enhancements, so no corner goes untouched.

Get ready for new visuals, textures, and meshes all around; if there’s one thing we can guarantee with The Old Kingdom, it’s that nothing ever looks the same twice!

15. Surreal Lighting

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (6)

If you’re looking to give your Skyrim game a unique flair, Surreal Lighting can provide the perfect colorful touch.

By changing weather systems and introducing sun lens flares, this graphics mod creates an ambient atmosphere that is sure to bring out the best in any gaming experience.

Plus, this mod is compatible with many other mods, so you can rest assured your experience will be tailored exactly as you’d like it.

With its vibrant lighting effects, it’s guaranteed to make playing all the more enjoyable!

We love the dreamy aspect this mod adds to the game; it really changes the overall tone more than you’d expect.

14. Big: More Kill Moves and Decapitations

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (7)

Killing moves are some of the most satisfying elements of any gaming experience, and we want more!

This mod increases the frequency of kill moves and decapitations in the game. You’ll also be able to get more than one finishing move per encounter.

This means that you’ll be able to execute several different enemies in the pack.

We especially love the new kill animations for types of creatures that lacked them, including Dragonborn and Dawnguard; they’re so well done we almost feel bad for our poor victims.

13. Divine Cities

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (8)

Immerse yourself in a world of vibrant cities, alive with the lore and stories of ages past!

Divine Cities is more than just an overhaul – it’s your chance to experience Skyrim like never before.

This mod is an immersive revamp of all the cities in Skyrim. It aims to feature more lore, people, pets, and locations to bring the world to life.

Not only that, but each city has its own unique identity and flavor, making it feel like a completely different place.

12. Imperious – Updated Races of Skyrim

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (9)

Widen the diversity of your Skyrim experience with this mod!

This mod reworks all of the races in Skyrim to define them better and make them more interesting.

You will have access to unique racial abilities, but NPCs can use them too. With three fresh passive skills and one new power available through an intriguing quest for each race—as well as some configuration options if SkyUI is installed (though SkyUI isn’t required)—your adventure in Tamriel won’t be lacking for creativity or entertainment!

11. Rich Merchants

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (10)

The merchants around Tamriel are sure to have some amazing items for you to purchase, but sometimes it is hard to sell them everything you want to unload when they simply can’t afford it!

Rich Merchants fixes this problem by giving merchants a base amount of 10,000 gold, so you can finally sell them all the items you have been holding on to.

No more waiting around for the right buyer; you’ll always have an interested party.

When the merchants of Skyrim are rich, you can be too!

We highly recommend using this mod if you want to get the most out of trading.

10. Immersive Movement

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (11)

After all these years, the game is starting to feel a little stiff.

This mod is perfect for those who are looking to get a unique and more realistic in-game experience!

It completely revamps the movements of players, NPCs, animals, and creatures to create an immersive atmosphere that truly makes Skyrim feel smooth.

Many changes have been made with realism as a top priority, while some provide gamers with an extra challenge, all inspired by Lore.

Plus, there’s no hassle – it’ll seamlessly integrate into your current load order without any problems!

9. Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (12)

Live Another Life is an amazing way to begin your journey into the world of Skyrim, skipping right past that lengthy intro that’s become a meme at this point.

Pick a race and then choose one of the many available paths for your character’s future – playing out with long-lasting ramifications!

Choose wisely or suffer consequences from which not even the gods can save you…plus, if you feel like changing it up, extra support allows players to customize the mod to support their own starting points and life paths.

8. Cheat Room

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (13)

You know it wouldn’t be a mod list without some straight-up cheats.

This extensive mod provides players with all sorts of helpful tools and tricks without modifying anything from the original game.

As long as you remember to unequip super-powered cheat gear first, this mod can be installed or uninstalled along with your wants.

The Cheat Room contains every item in the game for free, the ability to manipulate time and weather, ways to learn every spell and shout, and a mountain of other treasures and boons.

7. Enhanced Blood Textures

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (14)

Wreak havoc on the battlefield with a Skyrim mod that will take your gore game to the next level!

This rework of blood effects gives you higher resolution, more realistic textures, and new features like kill-move animation variations.

Showing off your fierce combat skills never looked so good – especially when combined with low-health blood trails plus damage-based spatters and pools for an extra touch of carnage.

The creator didn’t forget about enemies that might not have regular blood; get ready for spiders dripping green goo and machines spewing oil in all directions as part of this one-of-a kind experience!

6. Phenderix Magic Evolved

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (15)

We think a lot of the custom spell mods out there are better than the magic included in the base game.

PME adds over 170 fresh, balanced spells that turn you into a spellcaster the likes of which Skyrim has never seen.

New schools of magic include druid spells, darkness magic, water and wind magics, and even forbidden blood spells.

Through custom visuals and shader use, these spell effects are gorgeous and distinct. They don’t look like any base spells but still look great.

One of the biggest features is enhanced summoning. You’ll be able to summon and dismiss any creature in Tamriel and view their stats, too!

5. Sofia

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (16)

Sofia is known as the funny follower with fully-voiced lines.

She’s not your typical downloadable follower; she’s a realized character.

Discover the unusual and awesome Sofia.

She’ll comment on your character as you move about the world with horseback riding and singing capabilities – heck, she may even be marriageable if things go well!

But don’t count on a smooth ride; this tough yet witty woman tends to lack filter in conversations, so expect some awkward moments when she speaks her mind… Ready for an adventure? Look no further than Sofia!

4. Diverse Dragons Collection

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (17)

The dragons in Skyrim are really the centerpiece of the game. They’re big, menacing, powerful, and oh-so-fearsome.

But if you’ve played enough, they can get a little too familiar.

Look no further than the Diverse Dragons Collection! This mod adds 28 new enemy dragons with unique models, textures, and abilities, uniting work from over a dozen mod authors. These new dragons come in different ranks with all-new breath attacks and abilities.

To bring it all together, this mod is easy to customize, so you only run into your favorite dragons.

3. Apocalypse Magic

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (18)

It’s the undisputed #1 pack of custom spells for Skyrim!

Apocalypse adds 31 new spells to each school of magic, along with new scrolls and equippable staves. Like all good spell mods, these fit seamlessly into the base game without messing up balance or difficulty.

Players can find the new spell content in the same places that the original spells are.

Will you use the Fabricate spell to create a temporary couch to take a rest?

Maybe you’re more into subterfuge; Pale Shadow will have a target assaulted by their own shadow!

Those are only a couple of examples of the creativity and power you’ll find in this pack.

2. Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (19)

As one of the most widely downloaded mods ever, USSEP aims to fix each and every bug in the base game of Skyrim.

This gem offers hundreds of bug fixes – from gameplay and questing errors to NPC issues – all while ensuring compatibility with as many other mods as possible.

Plus, there are no unsafe changes lurking in this one, so go ahead and game on!

There are really too many changes to list, ranging from quests and NPCs to combat and world travel. Trust us when we say this mod is polished and a must-have.

1. The Forgotten City

Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (20)

Unearth an incredible mystery in The Forgotten City, this huge, award-winning expansion mod for Skyrim!

Players will be challenged to solve a murder using their wits and time travel abilities.

Explore an ancient underground city full of secrets as you interrogate suspects, uncover hidden paths, and unravel moral dilemmas – all accompanied by lush orchestral music and professionally voiced dialogue with multiple endings!

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Top 20 Best Skyrim Xbox One Mods [2024] (2024)


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