LESBIAN DATING SITES: Best And Free Sites For You - The-Soul Mate (2024)

Dating isn’t easy. We meet people from all walks of life in our everyday lives. In this digital world of ours where so much of our time is on the internet, many queer singles are trying hard to find new partners online. The introduction of Lesbian dating sites have made things easier for many queer singles across the globe.

If you are on this boat, fear not, you are not alone. Here are some of the best Lesbian dating sites you can try for an amazing experience.




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With the Spicy lesbian dating app, it’s easy to meet, match and can’t with interesting ladies from your neighborhood and beyond. Swipe, match and choose who you like. You can only get messages from singles you like and you decide who you can start a conversation with. In Spicy, everyone is safe and anonymous.


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A social network app with over ten million users around the world. Meet women of your dreams, talk via voice chat and Livestream yourself. LesPark makes socializing become more interesting and more destined.


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This is a dating app for lesbian and bisexual women. Find yourself a match and express yourself, have real time communication with your partner. Express yourself, create a beautiful profile and keep track of your friends and favorite profiles.


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LGBT app is a new dating sites for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, intersex, asexual and other queer people. It is a new and warm community for open-minded and easy-going people. You can also send free messages to your potential matches.

#5. LADY:

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Looking for friends, romance, easy flirting, date, love, or a serious relationship? Lady lesbian dating app is one of the biggest free dating apps out there.

Free Lesbian Dating Apps

Here also are some free lesbian dating apps you can try out for free.

#1. Rela:

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With over six million active users, Rela is a popular app for lesbians,bisexuals and other queer singles. All Rela functions are free. With Rela you never worry about running out of people to flirt or chat with. Be yourself and share your stories in a community free of judgement and prejudice.

#2. Lesbian Island:

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This lesbian dating app is a free dating app where you can find people near you and create a connection. It allows unlimited messages for free and you can also register with your email or Facebook.

#3. Scissr:

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This app is designed by queer women for queer women to create a network of and for lesbians and bisexuals desiring to increase their connections. It utilizes a Facebook sign-in process that is 100% safe to keep out men and fake profile users.

#4. Lesly:

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This queer dating app helps women and nonbinary people find love. You feel safe while using the app as it scrutinized by staff for registered users.

#5. Online Girls Chat:

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The app Online Girls Chat allows you to download, sign up and create a profile, live chat on video, and text friends for free. There is also a private chat option with hundred percent full privacy.


If you want to meet new people, you have to leave your comfort zone. Join meet-ups for women and identify as a lesbian. You will find like-minded people only when you know where to look.

Try out and enjoy!


Where can I find a partner?

The most common way to meet a future partner isthrough mutual friends. Spend time with friends, and ask your friends to introduce you to people they think you’ll like. The second is in social spaces. This can include everything from bars to concerts, poetry readings, and gallery openings, to church gatherings.

Why you shouldn't use dating apps?

Here are a few signs that dating apps might not be for you.

  • You Think You’re Wasting Your Time.
  • You’re Easily Discouraged By Flaky Matches.
  • You’d Rather Make An IRL Connection.
  • You Feel A Negative Impact On Your Self-Esteem.
  • You’re Bothered By The Stigma That Still Surrounds Dating Apps.

How do I find a good man to marry?

Before you get married, make sure you are at a place where you are comfortable with who you are. Know your best qualities and the things you can improve upon. When choosing a man, find someone who makes you feel natural when together. Look forsomeone who brings out the best in you, such as your kindness and humor.


LESBIAN DATING SITES: Best And Free Sites For You - The-Soul Mate (2024)


How do I meet a lesbian in my area? ›

How do I meet girls? You could always try to attend LGBT+ events in your area like pride or LGBT+ clubs or organizations, or go to a gay bar or club if you're old enough. If you want a less direct approach, you could try downloading a lesbian dating app like the HER app or something similar.

What's the lesbian equivalent of Grindr? ›

Scissr. Scissr is the lesbian version of Grindr, so basically, this is the one for you if you're looking for casual sex and hook-ups (despite the fact there's a list of options to list what you're looking for). You can also add a 300-word bio and multiple pictures. Cost: Free.

How to find a lesbian lover? ›

Get involved in the community to meet more lesbians in your area. For example, visit lesbian bars and attend LGBT events. When you meet someone you like, show off your easygoing personality and offer nice compliments as a means of flirting. Create a healthy, exciting relationship by focusing on your romantic spark.

Is there a 100% free dating site? ›

If you're looking to try dating via app-only platforms, some options with free features include Tinder, Hinge, Bumble and Grindr.

Where can I find local females? ›

If you're looking to meet local women and make meaningful, lasting connections, Zoosk is the place to be! Our platform is home to tons of diverse single women who're looking to form a genuine relationship with someone that really gets them. Ready to get started? Sign up for Zoosk today and see where hello takes you!

How does Bumble work for lesbians? ›

At Bumble, women make the first move. In heterosexual matches, the woman has 24 hours to make the first move and the man has 24 hours to respond. In same-sex matches, either person has 24 hours to make the first move. The other individual has 24 hours to respond or the connection expires.

What is the Lex app? ›

Lex is a free lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer social network where people meet and find friends, events, dates, and more. With millions of messages sent each month and people in over 200 countries, Lex is the top social app for local queer community.

How does lesbian dating work? ›

9 essential lesbian dating tips
  1. Learn the lingo. ...
  2. Put yourself out there. ...
  3. Don't be afraid to initiate. ...
  4. Prioritize safety and mindfulness. ...
  5. Plan a memorable first date. ...
  6. Don't move too fast. ...
  7. Practice mutual trust and respect. ...
  8. Be a good communicator.
Dec 22, 2023

Is Pink Cupid a good dating site? ›

As an inclusive dating app, we are one of the most trusted places for lesbian, gay, bi, trans, and queer women to connect, fall in love and get to know each other.

Can a straight woman fall in love with a woman? ›

Our sexuality is a fluid, evolving thing over the course of our adolescent and adult lives. Having a lifetime of being attracted to, and sleeping with, men does not preclude you from falling in love with, or being attracted to, or sleeping with a woman (or women).

How to flirt with a girl as a girl? ›

Give them eye contact, little touches, tell them they're cute, be silly towards them. "Realistically, if you want to get with someone, the most you can do is let them know that you're feeling them. Be like, 'Hey, I think you're fab. Let's go get some drinks, go to a bookshop, let's go do something.

What hook up app is 100% free? ›

Advanced search tools, photos/videos, matches, mutual matches, who's searching for you, Me We Too connections, private messaging/chat, and privacy controls. Friends Match Me is the best 100% totally free dating site for real relationships for singles. No credit card required.

Which dating app is free without payment? ›

Bumble is a free dating app helping singles find fun, meaningful, and kind connections. It's the dating app where kindness is sexy, and women come first—always. Bumble is a free dating app dedicated to helping singles find fun, meaningful, and kind connections.

What dating site has no hidden fees? ›

But Facebook Dating is a solid choice for people who want to meet local singles without paying any membership or subscription fees. In fact, there's no premium membership available for Facebook Dating. Instead, all of the features are available for free to all users.

How to find nearby girls for dating? ›

There are plenty of online dating services for dating girls but we recommend trying Meetville - the best online dating site to find love! Meetville gives you a great india to girl your special someone within just a few minutes.

How to connect with a lesbian? ›

Explore an Online Connection

Online dating sites and apps are the most obvious places to start talking to single lesbians who live in your area. A general dating network like Match can serve lesbian dating interests, especially for those seeking a serious relationship, and it's free to get started.

How to meet a girl privately? ›

Tips for Meeting Someone Organically
  1. Go to places and events related to your hobbies and interests.
  2. Ask your friends to set you up with people they know.
  3. Go to coffee shops and bars alone.
  4. Take classes, join clubs, and volunteer in your community.
  5. Attend meet-ups, singles nights, and speed-dating events.

What are the symptoms of lesbianism? ›

Knowing whether you're a lesbian

If you are a lesbian you may: feel attracted to other women. feel you are different to your girlfriends or don't always 'fit in' feel confused because you're attracted to men as well as women.


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