7 Easy & Adorable Crafts To Celebrate Your Baby's First Valentine's Day (2024)

Lil' Cupid

7 Easy & Adorable Crafts To Celebrate Your Baby's First Valentine's Day (1)

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The Sweetest Crafts For Baby’s 1st Valentine’s Day

Get the wipes ready —we’re going to paint some toesies.

by Samantha Darby

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Baby’s first anything is a big deal, but holidays are especially fun. You’ve got your big ones, of course, like Halloween and Christmas, but even the more minor holidays (don’t tell Walgreens I said that) can be super magical with your baby. For baby’s first Valentine’s Day, there are tons of fun ways to celebrate, from cute outfits to photoshoots, but you just can’t beat doing a baby’s first Valentine’s Day craft.

Because not only are these adorable crafts a great way to commemorate your baby’s first Valentine’s Day (and their impossibly teeny tiny toes), but these cute V-Day crafts make for excellent gifts. Send them to grandparents, aunts and uncles, pop one in with your spouse’s favorite box of chocolates —it’s just the perfect kind of present. Especially for Valentine’s Day, when gift-giving can feel a little bit tougher.

The crafts listed here are supplied kits/printables you can buy to put together your baby’s first Valentine’s Day DIY, but feel free to get inspired from this list and make your own crafts. Washable paint is a must, and have lots of wipes on standby —nobody loves to kick their feet more than a baby who just had their toes covered in pink paint. Trust me.


A Wooden Keepsake Sign

This wooden sign from Etsy is so sweet. It comes to you already pre-crafted with the phrasing and the 3D wooden pieces, and you can customize it with your little one’s name. All you need is some paint and you can pop in your tiny cupid’s footprints for the ultimate Valentine’s Day gift. This one’s also not so crafty-looking that you won’t want to display it after Valentine’s Day.


Little Love Bug Wooden Sign

Another customizable wooden sign, this one is a bit smaller, but just as sweet. The words and cut-outs are already on the piece, you just need to make your baby’s foot into an adorable ladybug. All you need is red and black paint and a black sharpie. You can use a white marker for the eyes, or do two small drops of white paint.


A Rose Handprint Keepsake

How charming is this? At just $3, this is a super affordable craft, and it’s pretty enough to display in your home. The printable comes with the flower and banner, you just need to grab some paint and add the handprint.


Hugs & Kisses Card

How many times have you wanted to eat your baby’s toes? Exactly. Turn them into legit candy with this adorable DIY Valentine’s Day card. The printable comes with the little hugs and kisses labels and the background, but you can customize the item and edit it yourself with your baby’s name if you’d like. You can also use your little one’s handprints instead.


A Strawberry-Themed Printable

I’m obsessed with strawberry prints, so this little Valentine’s Day craft is perfect for my own girls. Just print out the card (it’s only $1) and pop in your baby’s handprint in red paint. Add the dots after it dries with a black Sharpie or black paint. So sweet.


You’re My Jam Printable

How sweet would this be framed in your kitchen? This baby’s first Valentine’s Day craft is jam-themed, and it comes just as it’s show in the photo, you just need to add your babe’s little tootsies to the bread. A whole new meaning to the phrase toe jam, and I’m here for it.


A Tree Full Of Love Print

I’m just in love with this sweet Valentine’s Day craft. This is the ultimate baby keepsake, and it hides mistakes very well. Print the design with just the trunk and branches and the header, and then get your baby in there to make as many handprints as you want. You could do these for so many seasons, and if you have multiple babies, this is a fun way to get them in on one craft together.

Whether you coat your baby’s hands and feet in paint or just take a photo of them to commemorate their first Valentine’s Day, it’s sure to be a core memory.

7 Easy & Adorable Crafts To Celebrate Your Baby's First Valentine's Day (2024)


What to do for baby's first Valentine's Day? ›

6 Ways to Celebrate Baby's First Valentine's Day
  1. #1 Create Heart-Shaped Sweets and Other Snacks. ...
  2. #2 Design a Play Area with Valentine's Day Theme. ...
  3. #3 Dress Your Little One as Cute as a Cherub. ...
  4. #4 Have a Valentine's Day Photoshoot. ...
  5. #5 Visit Extended Family. ...
  6. #6 Write a Love Letter.

What can I get my baby for Valentine? ›

  • Baby Girls' Clothing & Shoes.
  • Baby Boy's Clothing.
  • Baby Pacifiers, Teethers & Teething Relief Products.
  • Toys & Games.
  • Books. Children's Valentine's Day Books. Children's Growing Up & Facts of Life Books. Children's Animals Books.
  • Baby & Toddler Bedding.

How can I make my first Valentine's Day special? ›

Some traditional first Valentine's Day gift ideas include a flower bouquet, a box of chocolate, and a card with a thoughtful message. However, we like to put a new spin on those traditional gifts, like unique and artsy Valentine's Day pop-up cards and flower bouquets that will make her feel special & super impressed.

What should a 14 year old do on Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine's Day Date Ideas For Teens
  • Movie. Watching a movie together with your love is one of the best first Valentine's date ideas. ...
  • Go for a picnic. ...
  • Go for a sporting event. ...
  • Theme party. ...
  • Dinner date. ...
  • Coffee. ...
  • Visit a concert. ...
  • Indoor plan.

How many babies are made on Valentine's Day? ›

From his quick calculations, Wilson estimated that approximately 10,408 babies will be born in November after being conceived on Valentine's Day.

What is a cute Valentine's Day tradition? ›

Offering a bouquet of red roses to your beloved. Purchasing a card with a heartfelt message. Sharing a candlelit meal with your partner. Giving a heart-shaped box of delicious chocolates.

What is a Valentine's Day baby? ›

If your baby was actually conceived on Valentines Day, than your due date would be 11/7 (a lucky number). Of course those wily sperm can live a few extra days, so conception could occur as late as February 19th and an ultrasound might give you a due date as late as November 12.

What is the number one gift given on Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine Cards

60% of Americans planned to buy greetings and gift cards (NRF report 2023). Therefore, they are the top-selling items for Valentine's Day, especially if they are unique or personalized.

How can I make Valentines day special without gifts? ›

Free or Cheap Valentine's Day Ideas
  1. Make them a hearty, yummy breakfast.
  2. Finish their laundry the morning of V-Day.
  3. Leave a note in their coat pocket so they'll find it randomly.
  4. Surprise them with morning sex.
  5. Bake their favorite dessert.
Feb 9, 2024

What happened on the first Valentines day? ›

Valentine is likely based on a combination of two Valentines who were executed on February 14 in different years by Roman Emperor Claudius II in the 3rd century A.C.E., according to NPR. The Catholic Church maybe have established St. Valentine's Day to honor these two martyrs.

Should a first date be on Valentines day? ›

Valentine's Day isn't just for established couples. The day can set the scene for a fun first date, a therapist says. Dating experts suggest keeping things light with a drink or activity, like a game bar or arcade.

What do boys want for Valentines? ›

Some guys may be yearning for a high-quality turntable; others may want nothing more than a reliable chef's knife. Some want a trip to the spa and fancy skin care. (And, of course, there are the guys who truly just want a nice dinner and chocolate.)

Should kids celebrate Valentine's day? ›

Valentine's Day can be a wonderful holiday for kids to celebrate in the classroom. It not only gives them an opportunity to be creative, but it also teaches them how to be inclusive and friendly to all of their classmates. Done right, it can highlight the importance of friendship, kindness, acceptance, and more.

How do you wish a baby girl a Valentine's Day? ›

Valentine's Day wishes for a daughter or son
  • Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you for making this year one of joy, laughter and giggles! ...
  • Happy Valentine's Day to our amazing daughter/son! You make us so proud to be your parents, thank you for being you.
  • Happy Valentine's Day! ...
  • Happy Valentine's Day! ...
  • Happy Valentine's Day!

How do you announce a baby on Valentine's Day? ›

Capture the essence of your love and the excitement of your growing family with a Valentine-themed photoshoot. Think of elegant maternity dresses that gracefully highlight your beautiful bump, heart-shaped balloons, ultrasound pictures with a cute frame saying "Our little Valentine," and lots of red and pink.

What are you supposed to do on Valentine's Day? ›

35 Best Things to Do on Valentine's Day for Everyone
  • Send Out Valentine's Messages to Loved Ones. ...
  • Let Someone Else Plan a Perfect Date Night. ...
  • Give Out Galentine's Day Gifts. ...
  • Get Your Kids Involved. ...
  • Sign up for a Dancing Lesson. ...
  • Go to a Restaurant You've Never Been to Before. ...
  • Bake a Delicious Treat. ...
  • Book a Local Rental Home.
Jan 31, 2024


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